Strategic management solutions for fast-changing
innovation ecosystems in Eastern Europe and Central Asia

Stefan Holger Schandera I Strategy. Innovation. Investment. Business and organization development. HR

Rapid changes ahead

Globalization is shaped by unexpected changes and sudden impacts from various directions, both positive and negative. Complexity has become the term of the day. For enterprises as well as for public agencies and NGOs, the ability to manage complexity and rapid change in a globalized environment has become key to competitiveness.

Advanced strategic management instruments address these challenges, and enable us to better understand immediate as well as long-term opportunities.

Managing complexity

Multi-factor perspectives

Eurasia Foresight® provides analytics as well as strategic planning and strategy execution tools, based on first-hand insights and practical knowledge. Focusing on Eastern Europe and Central Asia, Eurasia Foresight® puts economic, political as well as social and technological factors on the agenda.

Focusing innovation and competitiveness

Strategic foresight enhances innovation management by forming future-oriented instruments and knowledge creation.

Managing complexity

Eurasia Foresight® tools are designed for easy-to-use integration into existing instruments for analyses, planning and management.

Pioneering opportunities

Eurasia Foresight® anticipates opportunities by putting factors on the radar that reach beyond traditional strategic planning methods.

Establishing strategic resilience

Risk management for smart business development and investment decisions, digging deeper while watching out broadly.